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  • 1975
  • Samuel Fosso
  • Gelatin silver print
  • 100 x 100 cm

70’s Lifestyles (1973-1977) by Samuel Fosso is a self-portrait collection comprising sixty black-and-white photos, nine of which are included in this exhibition. The artist stages himself in glamorous and uninhibited poses: tight shirts, platform shoes, dark glasses. He uses the studio as a safe space to play with the codes of representation, black masculinity and societal expectiations. Emblematic of an emancipated adolescence, these self-portraits are also a reflection of the transition of African societies, progressing from a colonial environment to an era of independence. 

© Samuel Fosso © Primae / David Bordes


Samuel Fosso

Born from Nigerian parents in Kumba, western Cameroon in 1962, Samuel Fosso moved to Bangui in 1972. There, at the age of thirteen, he opened a photography studio specializing in portraits: the National Photo Studio.

At night, he would develop his films for his clientele and use the rest of the film to create self-portraits, drawing inspiration from French and American magazines and the style of African musicians. He continued his exploration of portraiture through various series (Tati, 1997; Memory of a Friend (Mémoire d’un ami), 2000; My Grandfather’s Dream (Le Rêve de mon grand-père), 2004; African Spirit, 2008; Emperor of Africa, 2013; Allonzenfans, 2013; SIXSIXSIX , 2015-2016; Black Pope, 2017), breaking away from the codes of African studio photography to address the themes of postcolonial identity and gender-fluidity. 

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