Gerhard Richter

Lilak, 1982

Huile sur toile

Diptyque, dimensions totales : 260 x 400 cm

Collection Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

© Gerhard Richter © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage

Œuvres de Gerhard Richter :

Lilak  (1982)

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Matthew Barney, Water Cast 6  (2015)

Trisha Donnelly, Untitled  (2014)

Pierre Huyghe, Cambrian Explosion 10  (2014)

© Matthew Barney © Gerhard Richter © Trisha Donnelly

© Pour l'œuvre de Pierre Hughe: Adagp, Paris, 2018

Lilak is one of a series of elegiac abstract paintings the artist began working on in 1982, in the form of monumental diptychs on the subject of nature and the materialisation of psychic states: “landscapes are a form of ardent desire, the aspiration of a full and simple life”.

The artist uses many different tools such as brushes and squeegees to create textural effects on each area of colour. The patches of blue in the corners of the painting are a naturalistic reference to the sky. Through a geometrical construction of lines, columns and tubes, the composition creates the illusion of depth. The gestural execution combined with bright colours – green, yellow, blue – gives off a sense of energy and profusion.

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Gerhard Richter

Born in 1932, in Dresden (Germany)
Lives and works in Cologne (Germany)

Initially working in the academic tradition taught at Dresden Art Academy (in East Germany at that time), Gerhard Richter took up photography in the early 1960s, continuing on from the "capitalist realism" of his early works, reflecting upon painting and the purpose of art.
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