Self-Portrait with Phantom Twin, 2017


Andrea Crespo

Andrea Crespo, Self-Portrait with Phantom Twin (2017)

Bunny Rogers, Study for Joan Portrait (2016)

Collection Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

© Andrea Crespo 2018 © Bunny Rogers

© Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage

This diptych depicts a young body with two heads - one seen from the front, the other from the back – with a semi-ghostly appearance.

The two-headed twins Cynthia and Celinde feature repeatedly in the artist’s iconography. They took shape through her fascination with the American Siamese twins Abby and Brittany Hensel. Crespo’s work looks at what appears to be both on the margins of art and of society, and reflects a changing world.

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Andrea Crespo

Born in 1993, in the United States
Lives and works in New York (United States)

Andrea Crespo's fascinating world is populated by a variety of characters and avatars that feature in animated films, prints on fabric, drawings and installations.
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