Study for Joan Portrait, 2016


Bunny Rogers

Bunny Rogers

Study for Joan Portrait, 2016

Silver gelatin prints

70 x 58 cm (x5)

Collection of the Fondation Louis Vuitton

© Bunny Rogers © Uli Holz

In these digital photographs, the artist and poet Bunny Rogers depicts herself as Joan of Arc from the American animated television series that features clones of historical figures reincarnated as teenagers.

Unlike the series of photos entitled Self-Portrait as clone of Jeanne d'Arc (2014), of which these are a continuation, these two galleries of bust portraits are noteworthy for how bare they are. Just a few adornments remain: a veil, flowers or a butterfly, like the poster for the film The Silence of the Lambs. These modelled figures are reduced to the extreme. Their torsos are hollow, their faces expressionless. Condemned to silence, these stylised, anonymous and asexual figures have a strange presence and seem to be possessed by an existential anxiety.

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Bunny Rogers

Born in 1990, in the United States
Lives and works in New York (United States)

Role-play and storytelling are central to the approach of Bunny Rogers, an artist and poet based in New York. Her pieces can be considered "collages" of her different "selfs" filtered through a fertile imagination that feeds off social networks and the Internet.
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