Paris sans fin, before 1961


Alberto Giacometti

© Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc

Domage © Succession Alberto Giacometti

Familiar with printing techniques from a young age, Giacometti produced series to illustrate the works of his contemporaries (Réné Crevel, Michel Leiris, André Breton). 

In 1951, wanting to disseminate his works as widely as possible, the artist published series of lithographs. Using this technique, which allowed him to preserve the freedom and spontaneity of drawing,  in 1959 Giacometti began sketching street scenes, vehicles, shop fronts, passers-by. These quick, agitated drawings were brought together in Paris Sans Fin, the volume that was eventually published three years after his death.

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Grande Femme II ,Date de création : 1960; date de fonte : 1961

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