The Krazy House (Megan, Simon, Nicky, Philip, Dee), Liverpool, UK, 2009


Rineke Dijkstra

© Rineke Dijkstra - Fondation Louis Vuitton / Martin Argyroglo

With the video installation "The Krazy House (Megan, Simon, Nicky, Philip, Dee), Liverpool, UK" (2008-2009), Rineke Dijkstra pursues her exploration of teenage life.

She asked five young people to dance to their favourite music in a studio that had been specially set up at a Liverpool nightclub. Immersed in the dark, blue-tinged setting, the dancers move against a featureless white background. They are completely absorbed, losing themselves in their own image and the image they want to portray to others. “The most important thing was to recreate the feeling of a natural situation, which is why I worked with a small camera and a minimal team. […] The dancers seem to abandon themselves to the music and are absorbed in the present moment. They forget who they are a bit; it gives us a glimpse of their personality,” explains the artist.

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