Even Pricks

  • 2013
  • Ed Atkins
  • HD video
  • 8 min
The video rejects the levelling effect of depression on things and people and provides a different narrative in which the stream of unreal images, presented in a realistic manner, immerses the captivated viewer in a labyrinthine, almost jubilatory world.

© Ed Atkins. Photo © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage


Ed Atkins

Ed Atkins’ interest in high-definition image technologies and immersive sound is based on their paradoxical capacity to produce images the artist describes as “both ridiculously alive and yet completely dead”.

His spoken word performances, which feature a new hybrid humanity, are driven by a desire to destabilise the viewer. Influenced by literature, his scripts inform the soundtrack and structure of his videos. A tragic experience, artistic challenge and essential philosophical subject, death is at the heart of his work as an allegory of digital imagery devoid of substance.

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