Study for Jean Portrait (Silence of the lambs)

  • 2016
  • Bunny Rogers
  • Silver gelatin prints
  • 36 x 31 cm

Unlike the series of photos entitled Self-Portrait as clone of Jeanne d'Arc (2014), of which these are a continuation, these two galleries of bust portraits are noteworthy for how bare they are. Just a few adornments remain: a veil, flowers or a butterfly, like the poster for the film The Silence of the Lambs. These modelled figures are reduced to the extreme. Their torsos are hollow, their faces expressionless. Condemned to silence, these stylised, anonymous and asexual figures have a strange presence and seem to be possessed by an existential anxiety.


Bunny Rogers

Rogers grew up in New Jersey, Texas and Long Island (New York State). While at school, she applied to Parsons School of Design to study fashion. She graduated with an art degree in 2012. In 2017 she earned a Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

A rising figure of the so-called post-Internet generation, Rogers works independently in different creative fields, through a variety of forms and channels, with information technology occupying a central role. Sculptures, installations, photographs, videos, animated films, websites, 3D modelling, poems and publications in both physical and virtual form: Rogers’ creations make up a strangely familiar world, fuelled by varying but specific references. Recurrent themes include experience, memory, community life, friendship, emotions and identity. Her work is marked by a certain existential anguish, in which the personal and the universal, reality and fiction, blur into and feed off each other.

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