Collection : A Selection of African artworks

Exhibition of the Collection From 26 April 2017 to 4 September 2017
The continent, artists and cultural influence of Africa are today essential to understanding the world’s artistic landscape.

This is why African artists (or artists of African descent) have been given pride of place since the earliest days of the Collection at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, which, in its artistic choices, demonstrates great openness to the most contemporary scenes. The newest Collection exhibition is dedicated to these creative forces. To complement this selection, two additional shows are on display in parallel: The Insiders, a selection of works (1989-2009) from the Jean Pigozzi collection of African art and Being there, South Africa, a contemporary scene. This broad display of works offers several uncommon perspectives: photographic or video works on memory, identity and historical continuity; an affirmation of painting in its diverse forms; and a demonstration of the role of contemporary sculpture in a ceaselessly re-examined and reinvented tradition.


of the exhibition