Buste d'Homme assis (Lotar III), 1965


Alberto Giacometti


© Photo Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc

Domage © Succession Alberto Giacometti

"Buste d'homme assis" (Lotar III) (1964-1965) is one of Giacometti’s last sculptures.

It completes a series of three sculptures using as a model Eli Lotar, a photographer and close friend of the artist. The piece is striking: the body that seems wasted away, the exaggerated length of the arms and the intensity of the gaze give the impression of a life departing. Exploring beyond appearances, Giacometti strikes at the heart of the human condition. “It is Giacometti’s work,” wrote Jean Genet, “that for me renders our world even more unbearable, as it seems that this artist has been able to get around what was obscuring his view to discover what will remain of man when all pretences have been removed.”

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