Tomorrow Everything will be Alright, 2010


Akram Zaatari

© Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc

Domage © Akram Zaatari

"Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright" (2010) shows, on a typewriter, a conversation between two men who separate in 2000 and decide to meet up again 10 years later, one attempting to win back the other.

The outdated method of recording the conversation casts doubt on the text: is it a real conversation, a script, or a dream? “It’s cinema without the glamour, actors, scenery or lighting, which tries to create feelings using an old machine,” comments the artist. The last part of the film, which takes place outside, on a road, along a beach, at sunset, culminating in the meeting place known as the "green ray", maintains the ambiguity. This allusion to Éric Rohmer (Le Rayon vert, 1986) also reflects Zaatari’s interest in film.

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