Reports of the Rain, 2014


Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford

Reports of the Rain, 2014

Technique mixte sur toile

183,5 x 244,2 cm

Collection Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

© 2018 Mark Bradford © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Marc Domage

Mark Bradford works in the pictorial medium with his favourite material, paper, using offcuts of posters found around his studio in Los Angeles.

Bradford is politically and socially engaged, though Reports of the Rain is in a more lyrical vein. The regular series of mainly vertical lines saturates the canvas, like slashes, along with scratches, scars and bits of adhesive tape. Composed of multiple layers of material set beneath a thick layer of synthetic resin, in a constant interplay between construction and deconstruction, collage and removal, the artist renders parts visible as he erases others. Reports of the Rain is a sensitive space, potentially evoking a landscape in the rain.

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Mark Bradford

Born in 1961, in Los Angeles (United States)
Lives and works in Los Angeles (United States)

Mark Bradford is an abstract painter whose favourite material is paper. He uses offcuts of advertising posters that he finds near his Los Angeles studio, and gives them a new life.
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